Fortnite’s shared wallet is now available on PS5, PS4

Fortnite's shared wallet is now available on PS5, PS4

Tech Highlights:

  • The only remaining holdout is the Nintendo Switch, “meaning V-Bucks purchased on other Shared Wallet platforms will not be usable on your Nintendo Switch and vice versa”. A press release adds: “As always, V-Bucks earned on any platform through the Battle Pass, Quest Packs, or Save the World are shared across all other platforms.”

  • Sony was vehemently opposed to cross-platform gaming for approximately two weeks, but it’s certainly lowered its boundaries since then. Fortnite has now revealed that it will extend its Shared Wallet system to the PS5 and PS4, which means that any V-Bucks purchased on the PS Store will be used across various platforms, including Xbox, PC, Android, and cloud gaming services. To take advantage, simply connect your numerous devices to your Epic Games Account.

Obviously, this is a complicated situation for platform holders, as they typically scrape 30 per cent off any purchases made through their storefronts, and therefore they want you spending money within their ecosystems. Presumably many businessmen smiled at each other and shook hands in order to make the Shared Wallet a reality on PlayStation platforms, but the end result is a positive for consumers.

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