Fortnite: From piano player to pro gamer

Fortnite: from pianist to professional player

But for Joseph Deen it was a blow to his newly signed contract as a professional player.

Joseph is the youngest ever paid Fortnite player to sign with Team 33 last December.

The California esports team invited him to their headquarters to give him a $ 33,000 (£ 23,600) signing bonus and a super fast computer system.

Fortnite is a first person shoot and build game played online by hundreds of millions of players around the world.

“I felt great when I was offered the contract,” Joseph told the BBC. “I thought about becoming a professional player a lot, but no one took me seriously until Team 33 joined them.”

According to the website, only two of the top 10 Fortnite earning players are over the age of 18.

The first and so far only Fortnite World Cup was won by the then 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, who went away with 3 million US dollars (2.2 million pounds) in 2019.

For the American compatriot Joseph, who was just starting out with the game, it was a moment of inspiration.

“My dream is to be like Bugha and to play like him. I look up to him because nobody took him seriously until he won the World Cup, and I feel the same way because nobody took me seriously until I was signed by Team 33. “

When Joseph’s signing was first announced, questions were also asked about the type of employment contract he was signing.

Both parties say it doesn’t dictate a minimum number of hours the eight-year-old needs to play or exercise.

“The treaty is designed to really protect him. He can move out whenever he wants and it’s completely flexible. It is on his terms and on my terms. It’s really like a child actor – they would work more than him, ”says Gigi.

Team 33 appears to be relaxed about their long-term investment in Joseph.

“We announced the signing so the world would know Joseph’s age, and we’re not making a mistake like FaZe with H1ghsky1,” said Tyler.

“We can make him a top player at a young age and instantly put him in big trophies when he reaches the appropriate age, just like the $ 3 million trophy Bugha won.

“Joseph is legally allowed to take part in tournaments without a trophy. We are also planning to build its online presence through YouTube, which is also legal. With his online presence, we plan to build goods for him and also sell them.

According to public records, Joseph is the second youngest professional ever.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, American Victor De Leon III, known online as “Lil Poison,” became the youngest signed professional video gamer in 2005 at the age of seven.

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