Fortnite could allegedly make a movie: What to Expect, Leaks, and More

Fortnite could allegedly make a movie: What to Expect, Leaks, and More

Tech Highlights:

  • A paywalled report by The Information revealed that Epic Games is mulling over diversifying its revenue sources. With the company no longer having access to Fortnite Mobile on Apple, it needs to find other ways to increase its revenue, and a movie seems the best possible option.

  • Fortnite fans may be getting their Christmas presents early this year, as the newest rumours surrounding the battle royale game suggest that a film version is on the way.

The Information reported that according to top officials at Epic, a Fortnite movie has reportedly “already been discussed”. Right now, the thoughts and discussions seem to be at a very early stage, so it is hard to predict how the Fortnite movie will look.

The rumors around a Fortnite movie started back when Epic poached three top Lucasfilm employees. One of them is now in charge of a ‘Special Projects Division’ in the organization, and the mysterious branch only hints towards the arrival of a movie.

The entire gaming community would agree that Fortnite has one of the most intriguing storylines so far. From the IO and Agent Jones to the Foundation and Zero Point, there have been several exciting seasons in the battle royale game.

Several popular games, such as Hitman, Resident Evil, Lara Croft, and Pokemon, have been turned into movies. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if the developer also decides to release a Fortnite film.

There are countless ways Epic could decide to adapt Fortnite into a movie, not least because countless movies have already been adapted into Fortnite themselves.

Instead of opting for a conventional narrative approach to storytelling, then, a Fortnite movie might prove more successful (commercially-speaking, at least) as a Space Jam-esque mash-up of all the intellectual property Epic has already hoovered up in its pursuit of mainstream popularity.

The game already plays host to on-screen superheroes like Batman, Superman, Black Widow and Spider-Man, beloved action heroes like John Wick and Master Chief and iconic villains like Venom and Predator. Then there are the myriad of celebrity appearances – LeBron James, Neymar Jr and Ariana Grande among them – which provide further potential for industry cross-over.

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