For new Xbox Series X owners, here are 9 must-have extras

For new Xbox Series X owners, here are 9 must-have extras

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  • Whether you’ve got a rough idea of what your ideal Xbox Series X accessories might look like, or looking for a place to start, we’ve covered everything below from the best Xbox controllers to the best Xbox Series X headsets and everything in between. We’ve considered most budgets here, so you’re bound to find something on the more affordable side of the scale to improve the quality of your gaming experience as well.

  • There’s nothing quite like finding a brand-new system beneath the Christmas tree, but Xbox Series X accessories can let you customise and optimise your new gaming setup. When it comes to the Microsoft side of the coin, your mind is certainly racing with the possibilities of just ‘what’s hot’ this Christmas season. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of key Xbox Series X accessories to assist you in getting the most out of your new console.

If you’re interested in more savings around your new system, then we’re also rounding up some of the best Xbox Series X bundles and deals. For a more general overview, however, we’ve got you covered with our Christmas sales guides as well.

1. Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Series X accessories in the Christmas sales

While your Xbox Series X does come with its own gamepad, you’ll need an extra Xbox Wireless Controller of some description in order to play co-operatively, or competitively with your friends and family. Fortunately, there are many colors and styles available to add a touch of personality to your setup, most of which retail for $59.99 though prices will vary based on design.

A few options available to you besides the standard black are shock blue, electric volt (yellow), pulse red, and robot white. We’re personally quite fond of the 20th-anniversary special edition model for $69.99 with its translucent black shell showing the internals akin to the first system in the family.

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