For Halloween, Veronica X is the ideal Games with Gold title

For Halloween, Veronica X is the ideal Games with Gold title

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  • The start of October marks the beginning of the spooky season, which means some people are probably on the hunt for the perfect horror game in celebration of Halloween. Luckily for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is one of the free games players can download starting October 15.

  • Halloween is just around the corner, and October’s Xbox Games with Gold offers a great title for the season: Resident Evil Code: Veronica X.

While there are many new horror games players can pick up for Halloween, Xbox Live Gold subscribers should keep an eye out for Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Apart from the classic survival horror experience this game offers, Veronica is also one of the hardest Resident Evil titles out there, making it the perfect game to play for the season, especially since it’s free.

Since Resident Evil Code: Veronica is one of the last entries in the franchise that featured the classic Resident Evil survival horror formula, players who are more familiar with recent entries can experience something different. On the other hand, veteran Resident Evil players would be able to reminisce about their past experience by playing Code: Veronica.

Given the Resident Evil franchise has numerous games across 25 years, it is no surprise some players are unfamiliar with Code: Veronica. The game was initially released in 2000, starring Claire Redfield as the main protagonist. Her story begins shortly after the destruction of Raccoon City, at which time Claire travels to Europe in search of her brother Chris before being captured by Umbrella and thrown in prison at Rockfort Island.

Speaking of the survival horror formula that made classic Resident Evil games iconic, one of the main reasons Code: Veronica would be the perfect title to play on Halloween is that it is one of the most complicated entries in the franchise. Those who played Code: Veronica before know that the first encounter with the tyrant can leave players stuck if they don’t have enough ammo.

Given Resident Evil Code: Veronica does not have an autosave feature, players who find themselves in this situation are left to reload their last save, or reset the game entirely if they did not conserve enough ammo leading to the fight. It is worth noting that Code: Veronica has many of these situations, making it difficult for players who are doing their first playthrough.

These situations can make games like Resident Evil Code: Veronica scary to play. However, given its graphics are dated, some may find the monsters aren’t frightening anymore. Despite this, the fear factor is still present in its survival horror mechanics, where players must conserve their bullets and healing items. Additionally, Resident Evil Code: Veronica’s story is also filled with all sorts of horror elements, from the classic zombies, tyrants, and other horrors to claustrophobic environments and bosses that could prove difficult.



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