Flushing the toilet sounded like Adele’s smash single to that person’s Pixel 6

Flushing the toilet sounded like Adele's smash single to that person's Pixel 6

Tech Highlights:

  • Before we continue, Hold On. This specific misidentification isn’t widespread, so if you were wondering, “Can I Get It,” it’s more likely that it only affects this one specific combination of phone and toilet. It’s just a fun fluke that most if not all Pixel owners should run into every Now And Then with different sounds that make the phone think it’s a popular song, so don’t Cry Your Heart Out over this. There’s no Remedy, either — it’s just AI gone wrong, and goes to show that machines aren’t ready to take over just yet.

  • If you have a Google Pixel, you’ve had access to Now Playing — Don’t You Remember? for quite some time. It lets your phone to constantly analyse sound around you, assisting you in identifying songs that are currently playing. All of this occurs locally on your device, with no automatic transmission of what you hear to any Google servers (though you can do that manually for more results). Things can go wrong without the cloud’s power, and Pixel phones can spew nonsense. Someone on Reddit recently shared that their Pixel 6 Pro claims to be hearing Adele’s 2011 hit Rumor Has It every time they flush their toilet — along with a 100% accurate audio of what they hear.

In fact, the Reddit thread is full of other people saying Hello with more misheard songs. There’s a person who brushed their teeth with an electric toothbrush, only to find their Pixel claiming they were actually listening to Dream of Arrakis from the Dune soundtrack. Another Redditor had their Pixel phone say that they were listening to Copacabana by Barry Manilow while they were playing Forza Horizon 5 — and the song definitely isn’t part of the game. Saving the Best For Last, there’s also an unlucky fella who had to endure construction work outside their house for a few weeks, with their Pixel 5 interpreting the jackhammer’s Lovesong as music from Imagine Dragon, The White Stripes, and Dresden Dolls. My favorite response in the whole thread probably remains “I’m just relieved that you didn’t get ‘Hello from the other side,’” though. There are a few more, but I’m getting Tired listing all these — hop over to the Reddit post embedded above to join in on the fun, I’ll Be Waiting over here.

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