Fluix is ​​now accessible for Android users

Fluix is ​​now accessible for Android users

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  • “Over the past 10 years, I’ve seen Fluix make a real difference to our customers. We’re thrilled to be able to make Fluix even more accessible to teams all over the world, via both iOS and Android Platforms.” Julia Nikolayenko, Executive Director of Fluix Before Fluix officially launched in 2014, Fluix’s parent company, Readdle, launched PDF Expert – a document editing app for the first-ever iPad. Having used PDF Expert for some time, aerospace giant, Boeing, specifically asked Fluix CEO, Igor Zhadanov, to tailor the software to allow for greater flexibility in document management.

  • Fluix takes pleasure in doing all possible to help its clients accomplish their best job. Today, the firm is pleased to announce that its no-code process management software is now accessible for Android users. Fluix digitises the paper forms and thick manuals that typically clog workplaces. The programme also improves document-based collaboration between remote and office workers, makes inspections and checklists easier, and optimises a variety of other business procedures. A cross-platform presence on iOS and Android makes operational excellence more accessible – independent of the type of tablet or mobile device used by various teams.

Initially, Igor said no to Boeing’s request, as custom development wasn’t part of Readdle’s product-driven company vision. When Boeing insisted, Igor quickly realized that it was possible to expand on the existing features of PDF Expert to include workflows, automation tools and comprehensive user management options. Those features combined to create Fluix; dynamic software that can be applied to use cases across various industries, including aviation, construction, and renewable energy. Fluix has grown ever since, reaching another milestone today with its introduction to the Android platform.

“We aim to positively disrupt the way companies of any size work with their documents and tasks. Our vision has resulted in a platform that solves the main pain-points of office and field teams that keep safety and compliance as their top priorities.” Fluix helps 400+ companies in 40 countries to digitize and manage documents, automate routine tasks, and streamline business processes. The software scales from mid-size companies with agile teams, to Fortune 500 corporations across the sectors of construction, energy, aviation, and facilities management. Clients include BMW, Zurich Insurance, Alaska Airlines, Centuri, Emerson, SAS, Roche, and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Fluix was recognized in Gartner’s Digital Markets 2020 reports, and named a leader in G2’s Winter 2022 Grid in the Best Workflow Management Software and Best Forms Automation Software categories, sealing its reputation as a leading solution in its field. The company is headquartered in Dublin, and also has offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Kiev and Odessa.

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