Floppy Knights will be available on May 24th for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass

Floppy Knights will be available on May 24th for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass

Tech Highlights:

  • Join a brilliant young programmer, Phoebe, and her trusted robot-arm bestie, Carlton, on a journey to win the Science Fair and prove to her parents that she can make a living off of her inventions instead of getting a “real” job. With her Floppy Knights in tow, the mighty floppy disks turned into tangible projections of plants, monsters, and other collectible battle creatures, Phoebe starts taking on odd jobs around town to put them to the test.

  • Floppy Knights, a turn-based strategy deck RPG by Rose City Games, will be released on May 24th for Xbox One, PC through Steam, and Mac! The game is Xbox Game Pass compatible and backwards compatible on Xbox Series X|S. More information can be found here: April 26, 2022 – PORTLAND, OR – On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Rose City Games’ turn-based strategic deck-builder Floppy Knights will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (through backwards compatibility), Xbox and PC Game Pass, and Steam for PC and Mac.

Mix and match Plant, Monster, and Hooligan cards to build powerful decks filled with Phoebe’s inventions including the rotund Barrel Cactus, the fearsome Jessica, and Applejacker bandits. Enter turn-based battles to protect the townsfolk from fierce Goblin Grunts, flying BeheMoths, and Shady Shrooms. Choose a powerful commander to lead the Floppy Knights’ fight like Vera, whose signature card boost restores units’ health, or Big Mad, who becomes stronger after suffering damage, to secure victory for Phoebe.

Save the annual Science Fair from cancellation as a nearby volcano threatens to erupt. This is Phoebe’s year to take down Alex, a major copycat and super-mean nemesis, and her knock-off robot Snarlton. Win the coveted first-place cash prize at the Gadget Cup and find a whole new world of adventures waiting around the corner. Get Phoebe’s parents off her case (finally!), face the dangers of a spooky misted forest, escape an icy cavern prone to cave-ins, and survive a robot invasion, all with the help of the fearless Floppy Knights. Becoming a local hero isn’t easy, but with the right companions at her side, Phoebe might just be ready for it.

Strategize your turns according to the special cards generated by each Floppy Knight to maximize their distinctive boosts and actions. Upgrade cards during battles to swing the tide in Phoebe’s favor by restoring health, increasing attack range, and other boons. Round out a strong team by completing secondary missions and win BigCoins to unlock new cards at Phoebe’s programming workshop.

Enjoy the strategic movements and whimsical, eye-catching art style directed by Marlowe Dobbe (Dicey Dungeons) set to upbeat tunes that heigh each emotion-filled battle composed by Grahm Nesbitt (Garden Story, Goodbye Doggy). “Floppy Knights is a wholesome adventure about becoming a hero when you least expect it,” said Marlowe Dobbe, Floppy Knights Creative Director. “We all experience ups and downs, and Phoebe’s story is an example of that–only much more magical and exciting!”

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