Flauncher debuted with no ads and a design influenced by Google TV

Flauncher debuted with no ads and a design influenced by Google TV

Tech Highlights:

  • The name Flauncher comes from Flutter, the SDK created by Google that was used in its development. Among the advantages of Flauncher is the revamped interface that is lightweight and even allows you to view all applications in one place, even those installed via external sources such as APK files. The launcher also has some customization options like changing the wallpaper, changing the order of the apps and even creating categories to organize everything as you prefer.

  • Many Android TVs have already received the new Google TV-based interface, but if you haven’t yet, be aware that there’s a new free driver that can change the look of your smart TV’s home screen. Now you may meet Flauncher. Flauncher is now available in the Google Play Store, with a design that is very similar to that of Google TV, but without the recommendations and adverts, making it lighter and more functional on older smart TVs with subpar processors and RAM.

FLuncher is completely free and contains no ads. This is the first version to hit the Google Play Store, so we hope to see more news in the coming months as its development progresses. You can download the app using the card below which takes you straight to Google Play, after all Now you can choose the device on which you want to install an application using your smartphone.

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