Five celebrity-owned superyachts known for their luxurious interiors

Five celebrity-owned superyachts known for their luxurious interiors

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  • Built by Lurssen Yachts, the Flying Fox boasts not just one, but two helipads, besides the generous swimming pool, gym, spa area, and cinema. With access to a master suite that unfolds over the entire top deck and 55 crew members, it’s no doubt that Beyonce and Jay-Z enjoyed a very special treatment on board. For a yacht that costs four million dollars per week to charter, that’s to be expected. Roman Abramovich’s “Solaris”
    The owner of Chelsea FC already has the world’s most expensive megayacht, Eclipse. But Solaris, which was completed at the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Germany, earlier this year, is heralded as one of the most technologically advanced yachts. The 460-foot (140 meters) megayacht was designed with eight decks and 46 cabins. It’s powerful enough to hit 18 knots, and it’s equipped for the longest travels in remote regions, as an explorer-type yacht.

  • When it comes to boats, athletes, music stars, and businesspeople all have one thing in common: nothing ordinary will do. The following superyachts all have something unique to offer, and it isn’t just the price. The alleged “Flying Fox” of Jeff Bezos
    This one is the most contentious since it was said to be owned by the “space cowboy,” but the rumours have yet to be proven. It’s also famous for being the boat picked by the legendary pair Beyonce and Jay-Z to celebrate the adored singer’s 40th birthday last month, in addition to the purported ownership.

Of course, it features the classic beach club, helipad, massive pool, and jacuzzi, but what makes Solaris stand out is the advanced security system, including armored protection, bulletproof windows, and even a radar-controlled missile detection system. After all, when you buy a custom yacht, you decide the priorities.

Wajer is known for its technological innovations, and the new Viva La Vida also blends an ultra-comfy layout with modern features, such as an automatic roof, a cooled deck, and a hybrid protection system for the hull. Plus, it was designed to be the most silent yacht in its class.

And that’s what Abramovich did, for a reported price of $610 million.Tom Brady’s “Viva La Vida”Not the first, smaller Wajer yacht, but a second model from the same Dutch luxury builder, which is 77-foot (23.5 meters) long. The successful quarterback stated that a bigger boat would allow him, his wife Giselle Bundchen, and their kids, to enjoy more frequent weekend trips to exotic places.

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