Finally, Samsung may not offer a 4G version of the Galaxy S21 FE

Finally, Samsung may not offer a 4G version of the Galaxy S21 FE

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  • Image courtesy to Mysmartprice – Samsung might not release a 4G variant of the Galaxy S21 FE after all. This discovery almost completely debunks the aforementioned rumor, given that there is now no correlation between the model number and a new Galaxy phone. However, we could leave some small space for a surprise from Samsung, as it is not completely certain if the company will release a Galaxy S22 FE phone in the future.
    A refresher on the Galaxy S21 FE

  • A revelation from a Dutch Samsung blog just a few days ago said that Samsung may be aiming to sell a cheaper 4G version of the Galaxy S21 FE this year. Mysmartprice, on the other hand, has determined that this may have been nothing more than a hearsay. When we look at the list of Google Play Supported devices, we can see that the model number SM-G990B2, which was previously considered to be for the 4G S21 FE, is actually for the 5G S21 FE, which is already out and available.

The Galaxy S21 FE had what you would call a rough launch. It was massively delayed and did not do much to justify its price, especially when the regular S21 had better specs and could be found for the same money in one of the regular sales throughout the year. Nevertheless, deals also affect the S21 FE, so it still makes complete sense to opt for one if you find it with at least a $100 discount, if not even more. It comes with great performance, an impressive camera system, and an amazingly smooth and punchy screen. Not to mention the promised three years of major software updates and another extra year of security patches.

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Let’s hope that despite the recent rumors, Samsung decides to keep the Galaxy Fan Edition series alive, and we get to see more of these bang-for-your-buck buddies in the future.

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