Faster than a more expensive DellLaptop runs Windows 11 on the M2 MacBook Air

Faster than a more expensive DellLaptop runs Windows 11 on the M2 MacBook Air

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  • The YouTube channel Max Tech loaded the recently released Parallels 18 onto the 2022 MacBook Air and tested it with Geekbench 5. It scored 1681 on the single-core test and 7260 on the multi-core one.

  • Real-world tests with the new MacBook Air reveal that Apple’s newest can run Windows 11 faster on Parallels 18 than a Dell XPS Plus. It is a testament to the Apple M2 processor’s performance in the most recent Air. A MacBook Air computer is capable of being fast. The majority of the desktop/laptop market is dominated by Windows. That implies that circumstances may occur where devoted macOS users require Windows compatibility. Parallels can help in this situation. Utilizing this virtualization programme, Windows may run on a Mac.

For comparison, the Dell XPS Plus scored 1182 single-core and 5476 multi-core on the same test while unplugged, losing to the Mac on both test segments. That said, take the Windows PC off its battery and its scores rise to 1548 single-core and 8103 multi-core, so one of its benchmark scores beats the MacBook. But there’s a drawback for someone planing to use their notebook on the go. When talking about the Dell, Max Tech host Vadim Yuryev said, “The battery life on those machines is not good and those chips take a lot of power.”

This is not an example of an expensive Mac being more powerful than a cheap PC. The MacBook Air configuration in the test costs $1599, while the XPS Plus is $1849. The 2022 iPad Air in the head-to-head test is one of the first with the Apple M2 processor. Apple says the chip is 18% quicker than its predecessor. Real-world tests show that it’s at least that fast. The new processor already proved its chops by solidly out scoring other Macs in the Speedometer 2.0 benchmarking app.

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