Far Cry 6’s Anton Castillo is so disappointed I haven’t murdered him yet that he emailed me

Far Cry 6's Anton Castillo is so disappointed I haven't murdered him yet that he emailed me

Points Highlighted:

  • It’s nothing new when a publisher sends out an email to encourage us to play its games more. Just as one example, our brand director Tim gets regular emails from Bungie to let him know how many Lost Sector eliminations he’s got in Destiny (28,702, for the record) while reminding him about the Festival of the Lost, or sends him a graphic showing him his PvP highlights while encouraging him to check out the latest set of collectibles.

  • I know this because he emailed me with the subject line: “You disappoint me.” The email reads “I wanted to thank you for giving me free rein in Yara. Take it easy, and know that Yara is in capable hands.” That’s some pretty passive-aggressive talk from a dictator, or more accurately, Ubisoft’s PR department.

But it’s a little weirder in this case because I did play some Far Cry 6, and I did kill a bunch of Castillo’s soldiers. Over 500, in fact, with 100 of those kills being of the stealthy variety.

But 537 dead soldiers, that I’ve killed single handedly, is a weird thing to egg me on about. That’s a lot of soldiers you no longer have in your army, Anton. Presumably a lot of them have heartbroken partners and grieving families and weeping children who will never see them again. Do you really want to stir the hornet’s nest and have me return to kill more of them? I stole one of your tanks, too. Should I blow up more of your guys with it?

On the one hand, he’s right, I could do better than this, especially since I spent many of those 14 hours just taking pictures and feeding pelicans. I would expect at completion of the game that my death toll would be somewhere in the thousands.

Anton also tells me I’ve only collected nine unique weapons, which is especially weird. First, it lets me know there are even more unique weapons to use against him and his army, a perplexing bit of information for a bad guy to offer up.

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