Fallout 4 favorites are brought back by Starfield, perfect for controller users

News Summary:

  • The gameplay featured in the announcement offers a small glimpse of players switching between different weapons and gear. We got a glimpse of what such a system might look like in Starfield’s first gameplay reveal alluding to his 1,000 planets, but here’s Fallout 4’s cruciform quick his switch It seems to be a more definitive form, much like a menu. This confirmation is definitely good news for anyone planning to play Starfield with a controller. Definitely preferable to Skyrim’s clunky favorites menu, for example. Personally, I really like Fallout 76’s radial style menus, but if you have access to the D-Pad, you can easily grab the tool you need with a quick tap or three in a particular direction. The ability to do so is a very practical method.

  • If You Live Under an Asteroid, Starfield’s release date is now official, though director Todd Howard has confirmed in a short video teaser that the next Bethesda RPG game will be released in September. , he also gave us a few glimpses of what to expect in the final game. We can see that you’re confirming that you’re bringing back Fallout 4’s favorites system, without you.

However, mouse and keyboard gamers may find it a bit unsatisfying.As someone who has played Fallout 4 in this way, I always found it a bit strange to navigate with a mouse. That said, I’m not too worried. Fallout 4 now offers a better solution for keyboard players. Simply assign one of the number keys 0-9 to each slot. So Starfield could do the same. If not, I’m sure Starfield mods will fix it soon.

Players on the Starfield subreddit have been discussing the feature with all the panache and energy of fans yearning for a scrap of Starfield news. Others ponder how carefully Bethesda chooses each frame it showcases in its trailers, knowing just how diligently the community culls them.