Fable 4’s leaked release date seems more plausible than ever

Fable 4's leaked release date seems more plausible than ever

Points Highlighted:

  • Some Fable fans were skeptical when Playground Games revealed that it’s in charge of the fantasy RPG franchise now. Playground is known pretty exclusively for Forza Horizon, after all. Hard evidence that Playground has been working on Fable for four years ought to quiet those fears, though. Clearly, Playground is aware of its lack of RPG knowledge, motivating it to work slowly and diligently on Fable, rather than rushing ahead in order to establish Fable as part of its brand. With all that time spent in mind, 2023 seems like a perfectly comfortable release date for this classic franchise’s revival.

  • Fable is in Good Hands.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.




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