Experts claim this could stop hackers

Experts claim this could stop hackers

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  • Brian Jojade, the CEO of HappyMac in Wausau, has more than 30 years of experience assisting customers with Apple products. Many people, according to Jojade, are reluctant to make revisions right away, which is typically a good thing.

  • According to Statista, there are more than 118 million iPhone users in the United States. The CEO of HappyMac advises that you immediately install the most recent update if you haven’t already for the sake of your security.

“A lot of times we recommend waiting a couple of days for the updates because if there are problems, other people can see those first,” said Jojade Wausau.

Jojade advised that in order to secure their devices, users must immediately install the update. He described how it enables hackers to access your device, install malware, and access your data.

That is not the case with the most recent 15.6.1 upgrade, which was released last week.

Not just phones are affected; also affected are iPhones, iPads, and Mac PCs.

”They’re usually more targetted at who they are attacking, you know, big name politicians, people in the news, stuff like that,” said Jojade.

Celebrities are another target, according to Rodger Cheng, the head of CNET News, but anyone might be the victim. Apple claimed it has already.

”We don’t know how many people were actually being hacked but apple did say this vulnerability was being actively exploited so people out there were being attacked,” Cheng said. These updates serve as a patch once the business discovers an issue, he continued.

“Stuff that isn’t working quite right and adding an update to fix that issue.” Here’s how to update right away. Navigate to settings, then select general. Locate the software update after that because it is where you will find the update.

According to Jojade, most updates take 20 minutes or less. Although it is urgent, Cheng continued, you shouldn’t worry excessively. ”Nothing worth panicking about, just get that update,” said Cheng.

”If you think your device has been hacked, the first thing you want to do is just make sure you change all of your passwords because if a hacker gets into one thing, they can get into more things,” said Jojade. Along with updating, Jojade added, you may protect yourself from hackers by using a strong password.

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