Everything you need to know Twitter Blue

Everything you need to know Twitter Blue

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  • As time goes on, you’ll see more features make their way to the subscription service, so you’ll be able to try them out before other users. That’s one of the main benefits of this service. If you’re considering getting Twitter Blue, the price is not too bad. You’ll pay a $2.99 monthly fee for the service. At the moment, there is only one payment plan, and that’s the $2.99. Twitter hasn’t indicated any plans to add a yearly plan at the moment. Yes. Even though you have the premium subscription, you’ll still see ads on your feed and in your comments.

  • If you use Twitter frequently, Twitter Blue might be useful to you. This is how the business provides customers that subscribe to it with more helpful and entertaining services. However, as many people are unaware of what the Twitter Blue subscription entails, this post will provide all the information you require. A membership service called Twitter Blue gives users access to some extra features. Along with early access to upcoming novel and experimental features, these features offer various ways to see and interact with your postings. It resembles Twitter+ in most ways.

Will I still have the 280 character limit with the subscription? Yes. At the moment, Twitter is working on a feature called Twitter Notes that could let people type longer posts. However, a subscription to Twitter Blue does not, intrinsically, let you type messages longer than 280 characters. There’s a handful of fun features that you can enjoy with Twitter Blue. And, as stated, you’ll see more features arise over time. We’re used to seeing ads all over our favorite publication sites, and that can be an annoyance. With Twitter Blue, you’ll be able to read articles on those popular sites and not have to worry about seeing ads.

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Just know that a subscription to Twitter Blue won’t knock down any paywalls that you’ll see on the publication sites. You’ll still need to pay for the subscription to each respective site that requires it. If you’re into reading the latest news articles, then you’ll love this feature. A Twitter Blue subscription will get you the Top Articles tab. This way, you’ll be able to see all of the latest articles from the people who you follow. A subscription will let you read through long threads without any interruptions. Instead of having to select each entry in the thread and avoid the comments, you’ll be able to read the thread just like a regular page of text.

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