Everyone can track everyone’s movements over iPhone Photos, warning from Apple

Everyone can track everyone's movements over iPhone Photos, warning from Apple

Points Highlighted:

  • The good news is that it is possible to switch this particular setting off. See below for instructions.

  • But this isn’t a total invasion of your privacy. For example, the metadata is automatically removed when the photos are uploaded elsewhere, such as social media.

Historically, iPhone users looking for more information about the photos stored on their device would have needed to download a third-party app.

In the Photos app, it is possible to swipe up and find out more information, including the shutter speed and the device used to take the image.

But that metadata is now freely available as part of the iOS 15 update, which also includes an improved Do Not Disturb feature, expanded privacy settings, and FaceTime compatibility with PCs and Android devices.

But this can be turned off in location settings.

Firstly, find the picture you want to lose the location from in your folder.
Then, swipe up.
Hit Adjust.
Then push No Location.
To completely disable location settings, see below.

Firstly, open Settings
Then hit Privacy
Push Location Services
Scroll to Camera and select
Hit Never

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