Even its own developers are struggling to complete Wild Hearts because it’s so challenging

News Summary:

  • Takuto Edagawa, the co-director of Wild Hearts, chuckles and admits, “I have quite a lot of difficulties.” “When we examine [the hardest Kemono in the game], those are the ones I lose to. If I don’t have everything ready, I’ll go in and get killed.”

  • The formidable Kemono, the creatures found in Koei Tecmo and EA’s new monster-hunting game Wild Hearts, are difficult to defeat. They are so challenging that even one of the game’s directors struggles to overcome his own inventions.

But fortunately for Edagawa, assistance is constantly available. Kotaro Hirata, his co-director and development partner, beams and declares, “I’m totally awesome at [Wild Hearts], actually.”

But the game’s development has also taken care to include a number of mechanics that will entice players who are unfamiliar with the monster hunting subgenre to give Wild Hearts a shot.

The Dynasty Warriors video game series, a wild power fantasy where players can easily dispatch hundreds of enemies at once, is the most well-known product of Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force division. Koei Tecmo is aware that creating Wild Hearts, which aims to emulate the appeal of Capcom’s well-liked Monster Hunter series, will be a very challenging task. The Kemono, the beasts infused with nature that live in the world of Wild Hearts, are what Edagawa and Hirata want you to fear.