EU Parliament debates forcing Apple to kill the Lightning port

The European Parliament will shortly be voting on whether all phones, tablets and other mobile devices should use one charger. If adopted, it could force Apple to renounce its intellectual property rights to port lighting in future iPhones.

The European Parliament wants a common standard tax

The debate on a bill requiring device markers to use a single charging standard is foreseen today in the EU Parliament. A vote on a resolution will take place at a later session.

So far, legislators have not said what the new standard should be. Every laptop should use it.

The ban on selling devices without this standard in Europe would not automatically force Apple to leave the Lightning port, but the alternatives present clear challenges. He could only make a special version of his iOS handset for the EU. He could add a second charging port for future iPhones. Or it could completely remove the iPhone from the continent.

This is not a new issue, but it has never been solved. Already in 2014, EU legislators called for a common charging standard and asked device manufacturers to choose one.

Since that time, almost all phone manufacturers have disappeared with the USB, USB-C is now the common standard for advanced devices. Apple is the most striking exclusion.

Lightning port versus USB-C

Apple continues to set port lighting on all iPhone and many iPads, although the MacBooks and the latest iPad Pro tablets are USB-C.

And he is against this EU bill. The company said in the European Parliament last year:

“More than 1 billion Apple devices have been shipped using a Lightning connector alongside an entire ecosystem of accessories and the manufacturers of devices that use the Lightning to serve our collective customers. We want to ensure that new legislation does not lead to the transmission of unnecessary cables or adapters externally with all devices, or to unnecessary devices and accessories used by millions of Europeans and hundreds of millions of Apple customers around the world. This would result in an unprecedented amount of e-waste and a lot of inconvenience for users. "

To further confuse the problem, a recent report from trust analyst indicates that an iPhone 2021 will not have a Lightning port. But it is not used either. It would be completely wireless instead.

Source: European Parliament (2)

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