Epic Games’ Unreal Engine gives Android Auto a huge improvement

Epic Games' Unreal Engine gives Android Auto a huge improvement

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  • Epic Games is best known for creating the Fortnite video game, but its Unreal Engine is also used for other applications, including film and television production. For Volvo, which is the first European car maker to use Unreal Engine, the software will be used to create next-generation digital interfaces for the dashboards and infotainment displays of future electric cars.

  • Volvo and Epic Games have teamed up to create ‘unparalleled’ interior display visuals. Volvo has teamed up with Epic Games to develop next-generation infotainment visuals for its next electrified vehicles. Volvo will utilise Epic Games’ Unreal Engine game production tools to produce lifelike information and entertainment visuals as part of the agreement.

Volvo said: “In the next generation of Volvo cars, customers will encounter impressive, high-quality graphics on those displays. Much sharper renderings, richer colours and brand new 3D animations are only the first steps as Volvo Cars developers continue to push the graphic envelope.” Powering the graphics will be a third-generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms processor. The Swedish car maker says the result will be an infotainment system that is twice as fast as its predecessor. It also claims graphics generation and processing in the car will be up to ten times faster than what is currently available.

Heiko Wenczel, director of automotive at Epic Games, said: “When you bring interactive, high-resolution graphics running in real-time into the car, you open the door to a vast range of new ways to inform and entertain everyone inside.” Alistair is a freelance automotive and technology journalist. He has bylines on esteemed sites such as the BBC, Forbes, TechRadar, and of best of all, T3, where he covers topics ranging from classic cars and men’s lifestyle, to smart home technology, phones, electric cars, autonomy, Swiss watches, and much more besides. He is an experienced journalist, writing news, features, interviews and product reviews. If that didn’t make him busy enough, he is also the co-host of the AutoChat podcast.

Not revealing much about its future electric vehicles, Volvo says the first car to get an infotainment system created by the Unreal Engine will be “the new, all-electric flagship model” to be revealed later in 2022. Epic Games is also working with American manufacturer GMC to create infotainment graphics and software for the new electric Hummer pickup truck. Volvo, along with its Swedish sibling Polestar, was among the first car makers to adopt the Android Automotive infotainment system, shunning its own technology for one developed by Google and incorporating the tech firm’s voice assistant, mapping technology and Play application store.

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