Epic Games’ Matrix Awakens demo is available for download until July 9 before it’s removed

Epic Games' Matrix Awakens demo is available for download until July 9 before it's removed

Tech Highlights:

  • Featuring cameo appearances by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo and Trinity, respectively, the demo put players in the role of a human resistance fighter embroiled in a high-speed chase across a sprawling highway by Agents. Following the action sequence, players were allowed to walk throughout the demo’s large-scale environments, switching between third and first-person perspectives, and adjusting elements such as dynamic lighting and various other environmental effects.

  • Even if a player deletes the demo from their console, they can download it again. On July 9, Epic Games confirmed on the demo’s official website that The Matrix Awakens would be removed from the PlayStation and Xbox stores. The Matrix Awakens, an interactive tech demo created in partnership with Lana Wachowski and launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X weeks before the release of The Matrix Resurrections, showcased the important new features of Unreal Engine 5.

Players who download The Matrix Awakens will be able to access the demo going forward, as well as be able to redownload it if it has been deleted from your console. Your comment history post-launch now lives under the My Profile tab above this message. If any of your comments have received likes, you’ll be able to see who liked them by looking at your comment history.

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