Epic Games has bought ‘Fall Guys’ studio Mediatonic

Epic Games has bought the Fall Guys studio Mediatonic

Epic Games has acquired Tonic Games Group, the parent company of Fall Guys Studios Mediatonic. The collective also includes the Irregular Corporation publisher and another studio, Fortitude Games.

“In addition to the shared vision of our teams, we see tremendous potential in working with Epic,” said Paul Croft, co-founder and chief games officer of Tonic Games Group, in a statement. “Whether it’s making our own games as good as possible or enabling other game developers to take their content from the core of an idea to commercial success, we know we can reach greater heights together.”

“The Fall Guys gameplay doesn’t change,” Epic said. The company plans to continue investing in the hit platformer Battle Royale. The game is currently available for PlayStation 4, PS5 and Steam. Fall Guys hits Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer. Presumably, after this deal, it will also be available in the Epic Games Store in the future.

In a blog post, Mediatonic is hoping to bring some of the Fortnite and Rocket League features to Fall Guys. This includes account systems, crossplay and squad vs squad modes. Unlike these other two games, Fall Guys won’t be played for free, at least for now. Fall Guys already uses the same anti-cheat software as Fortnite.

The news comes the same day Fall Guys received five nominations for the BAFTA Games Awards. Mediatonic recently revealed a futuristic theme for the upcoming fourth season of the game.

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