Epic Games has appealed last week’s antitrust ruling

Epic Games has appealed last week’s antitrust ruling

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  • Apple soon declaration The court fought for victory as the judge agreed that the company “does not violate antitrust laws” and considered Apple’s success in the app and game ecosystem “not illegal.” Meanwhile, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said the ruling wasn’t a win for developers or consumers.On Twitter, he hinted that the company might appeal the decision. When he said, “We will fight.”

  • Fortnite maker Epic Games is fascinating Last week’s court battle decision A federal judge said Apple was no longer allowed to block developers from adding links to alternative payment mechanisms, but did not call Apple an monopoly. In the latter case, Epic Games is about alternatives to serving the iOS user base, perhaps through third-party app stores and sideloading features built into Apple’s mobile operating system, similar to Google’s Android OS. I could have discussed it.

In a court filing published Sunday (see below), Epic Games will appeal to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ final judgment in the U.S. District Court and “all orders leading to or making that judgment.” Attention was expressed to.

The Court of Appeals revisits Judge Gonzales Rogers how Epic Games defined the market in which Apple claimed to be acting as a monopoly. Contrary to the wishes of both parties, Gonzales Rogers defined it specifically as the “digital mobile game trading” market. The appeal may or may not see the court change its opinion in favor of Epic Games, but the new ruling will have to deal with developers who want Apple to turn their customers to others. A payment mechanism that can help clarify the ambiguous words used in injunctions to explain.

As part of the judge’s decision, Epic Games was ordered to pay Apple 30% of the $ 12 million it earned when it introduced an alternative payment system to Fortnite on iOS, but it’s legal with Apple. I was in breach of the contract.

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