Epic antitrust case in Australia against Apple gets three-month stay

Epic antitrust case in Australia against Apple gets three-month stay

An Australian judge has ruled that Epic’s lawsuit against Apple in Australia will be temporarily suspended while both sides prepare for the trial in the US, Gizmodo Australia reported. Apple had requested a permanent stay of the case in Australia, arguing that the US and Australian cases were very similar and that the case should be settled in the original United States jurisdiction.

The two companies argue about Epic’s battle royale game Fortnite and the fees Apple charges. In August, Epic set up its own in-game payment system that effectively bypasses payments in Apple’s App Store and bypasses the 30 percent surcharge Apple charges for purchases in the App Store. Apple subsequently removed Fortnite from its iOS app store for violating its rules. Epic responded with an antitrust lawsuit to call Apple’s app store a monopoly and attempted to persuade Fortnite fans with a protest video mocking Apple’s iconic “1984” ad.

In November, Epic filed a similar lawsuit against Apple in Australia, alleging that the iPhone The manufacturer’s behavior was “incomprehensible and contrary to the Australian Consumer Act and various sections of the Competition and Consumer Act [of] 2010. ”Epic has made similar claims against Google and its mobile app store.

Australian judge Nye Perram ordered on Friday that the case in that country should last three months for the time being. He also said that if Epic pursues its case in the US, the Australian case will remain on hold, but could take the case to Australian courts depending on the outcome in the US

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