Enhanced Audio Solution Meta Quest 2 by Logitech Features Chorus

News Summary:

  • Logitech says its Chorus headphones have been designed specifically for the Quest 2 “from the ground up” and not only provide great sound, but are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions with ease. Part of that comfort comes from the fact that the earcups don’t actually touch your ears—instead, they hover over them. This adds another advantage.

  • At that price, you can’t beat Meta’s Quest 2 for an affordable and satisfying VR experience. This editor he owns one and knows many other editors who own one. Since its initial launch, most people seem happy with what the Quest 2 has to offer, but if there’s one complaint that stands out above the rest, it’s the audio solution could be improved. Overall, the audio solution that comes with the Quest 2 is arguably impressive in its own right, but we can’t blame you for wanting to improve it. In fact, Logitech seems to hear these complaints loud and clear, and is ready to sing a backseat to let people know.

There’s plenty of space to hear sounds around you, so you’re never completely cut off from reality.It’s also a bonus for those who use Quest for exercise. It’s a good idea not to sweat directly on the ear pads. Aesthetics don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but for what they’re worth, the open-back headphones in the chorus look decent. As for the actual audio specs, Logitech doesn’t seem to list anything other than size.

This is not at all uncommon in mobile audio devices. However, the company says Chorus offers USB-C passthrough, so you don’t have to remove the headphones to charge your device once you’ve connected them to your headset. To mute, simply slide the earbuds back into place (like the first image above). If you want to give Chorus a try, you can pre-order it from Logitech’s website. At the moment I can’t find a full review of the product, but hopefully that will change soon.I’m very excited to see how the overall idea for these cans develops. .