Enable GOS if you want to play games on Galaxy S23

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  • Without any bragging rights, I’ve spent decades playing on a variety of gaming devices, from PCs and consoles, old and new, to smartphones and tablets. And surprisingly, I see many anti-GOS advocates omitting a key factor when trying to quantify their gaming experience in terms of average framerates. This is my take, and why I believe Galaxy S23 Ultra users are better off leaving GOS enabled if they want the ideal mobile gaming experience. I can’t spend as much time playing video games as I used to, but gaming has been a hobby of mine since the mid-90s. And I still remember the endless debates between the PC and console masses about frame rates. These days, Microsoft’s and Sony’s two big consoles have enough power to achieve high enough framerates to make this debate somewhat dead, but his recent remarks on average framerates ‘s GOS-related reports seem to be repeating history. Only this time, everything happens in the world of mobile games. Many phone testers seem obsessed with achieving high average frame rates in mobile games, and many who have reviewed the Galaxy S23 Ultra take the same approach. I understand the appeal because higher average frame rates usually indicate more raw power and performance. But average is the key word. That’s because the “average frame rate” in this metric doesn’t include one essential ingredient for a great gaming experience. That’s frame rate pacing, the consistency with which new frames are processed and drawn to the screen.

  • The Galaxy S23 Ultra and Samsung’s Game Optimization Service (GOS for short) have been a major topic of discussion lately. Many people online recommend disabling GOS on the Galaxy S23 Ultra for better mobile gaming performance, but I have to say I’m not a big fan of the concept.

Everyone agrees that a higher stable framerate is better than a lower framerate. But if you take framerate pacing out of the equation and just focus on achieving higher average framerates, you miss one of the most important aspects that can positively or negatively impact your gameplay. It will be. In the long run, a fluctuating high average frame rate hurts gameplay more than a low but steady frame rate. Perhaps on devices with small touchscreens (such as smartphones), the framerate mismatch can create a large disconnect between player input and what’s happening on the screen.

Going back to GOS, Samsung’s game optimization service appears to lower the average framerate of games like Genshin Impact, but the same service has a much more positive effect on framerate pacing. There seems to be When the frame rate stabilizes, it will look like the picture below.