Emu, who despises the iPhone, is made famous by viral videos

Emu, who despises the iPhone, is made famous by viral videos

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  • “Why do you gotta be such a menace, dude?” Blake asks the bird. Blake said Emmanuel has always had a hatred of two things: phones and buttons. She said she has even had to resort to the tactic all moms try the dreaded three names: Emmanuel Todd Lopez. It could be worse. A woman named Amanda at Useless Farm has been pecked repeatedly, suffering minor injuries from their emu, Karen.

  • An emu that despises iPhones is making internet waves and creating a catchphrase. A well-known emu with the name of Emmanuel. Taylor Blake frequently gets bumped by the bird while filming at Knuckle Bump Farms in Florida, where tiny cattle are raised. The emu is a natural on camera, according to Blake. He is currently popular and believes his name is “Emmanuel, don’t do it.” But now that he’s “done it,” what comes next?

“That is some scary stuff she puts up with so all the love and all the props to her,” Blake said. Speaking of love, Emmanuel is actually crazy about Blake. It’s just the phone he can’t stand. And with all of the viral Tiktok videos, at least he gets his fill of hearing his name. Copyright 2022 CNN Newsource. All rights reserved.

These leaked renders of the little Android phone seem quite good. Press renders of the Asus Zenfone 9 have been leaked. According to the renderings, the phone has flat sides, a flat display, and a sizable dual-lens rear camera. On July 28, Asus will formally introduce the phone. One of the few companies still producing little Android phones with top-notch specs is Asus. The most recent of these, the Asus Zenfone 8, was released in early 2021. We now have our first thorough understanding of what to anticipate from the follow-up.

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