Due to denuvo and “micro-stuttering” difficulties, PC reviews of Deathloop are mixed

Due to denuvo and “micro-stuttering” difficulties, PC reviews of Deathloop are mixed

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  • Deathloop currently has a “mixed” rating on Steam, which utilizes user reviews to determine its score. While the game has received highly positive ratings on PS5, its PC counterpart has fared worse with players, who have lambasted its performance issues at launch.

  • Deathloop PC reviews are flooding in from players on Steam who, despite the game’s rave reviews from critics, are finding that it is suffering from a micro-stuttering issue that is affecting their enjoyment of Arkane Studios’ new release.

Currently, many have noted that despite them having over 60 FPS in-game, there is still notable stuttering and overall blurriness no matter what setting they use. The top Steam reviews are littered with users claiming that they are running high-end GPUs yet are still experiencing problems: “Game’s great just optimized like ….REALLY BAD,” one review reads. “Stuttered like crazy on my RTX 3070ti at 1080p even with the latest drivers + RTX off.”

Steam reviewers are unanimous in their belief that this is related to its implementation of the controversial Denuvo Anti-Cheat, software that is implemented to prevent PC users from cracking games and pirating them. While the jury’s still out on this causing such performance issues with PC games, that hasn’t prevented PC players from bombarding the game’s Steam reviews with requests for Arkane and publisher Bethesda to remove Denuvo from the game.

We tested the PC version for ourselves and, while its performance issues aren’t debilitating, we’ve experienced similar problems. Despite running well below the recommended VRAM usage and tinkering with its settings, there’s still an overall choppiness to the game that isn’t present in the PS5 version.

It is hoped that Arkane will improve Deathloop’s PC performance with a subsequent patch, given that similar issues also faced the studio’s previous release on the platform, Dishonored 2, which suffered an incredibly rocky launch before future updates ironed out its problems.

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