‘Drunk’ robot vacuums lead to complaints from owners

Drunk robotic vacuums lead to complaints from owners

Problems include devices “spinning”, charging constantly or not at all, and moving in strange directions.

The device manufacturer, iRobot, has admitted that the update caused problems with “a limited number” of the Roomba models i7 and s9.

However, it would take “several weeks” for a fix to be rolled out worldwide. In the meantime, the company is asking those affected to provide the serial numbers of their devices so that the latest update can be removed.

“We are also implementing an update to ensure that similar problems are avoided in the future. This update will be sent to all customers in the next few weeks.

The i7 Roomba starts at £ 599 in the UK iRobot store – the older s9 is not currently available in the UK but costs $ 1,000 (£ 718) in the US.

Ken Munro is a cyber security professional who specializes in security related to the Internet of Things – anything connected to the Internet. “Updates usually add new functionality or fix security flaws in intelligent products,” he says.

“However, they don’t always go according to plan, which sometimes leads to new mistakes. “Remember, you are counting on the manufacturer to keep supporting your smart thing. Are smart devices ever really “yours”? “

However, he added that it was generally advisable to accept software updates.

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