Dr. Disrespect wants Strongholds Mode to be removed from Halo Infinite

Dr.  Disrespect wants Strongholds Mode to be removed from Halo Infinite

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  • During a recent broadcast, Dr Disrespect gave an interesting opinion about Halo Infinite. He believes that the developers at 343 Industries should remove the Strongholds game type from the multiplayer. “I say get rid of that game mode altogether. I mean, just put it on the shelf,” he said after narrowly pulling out a win. He believed this was one of only a few blemishes present in the first-person shooter. According to Dr Disrespect, Capture the Flag and Team Slayer are very fun to play. He even admitted that Oddball, despite sometimes getting “a little hectic,” was a nice change of pace. The only mode he seemed to dislike was Strongholds.

  • As one of the modes included in the Ranked Arena playlist, Strongholds frequently appears during matchmaking. The rules for the mode are relatively simple, as players need to capture and hold at least 2 out of 3 strongholds on the map to score points. The first team to gain 250 points wins the match. Recently, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect talked about his frustrations with the game mode.

The Doc wasn’t the only one that disliked the game mode, as ZLaner believed that competitive Halo Infinite was better without it as well. ZLaner went on to say that he thought that Ranked Arena was perfect with only CTF, Slayer, and Oddball. However, the Doc thought the developers could do more. “Throw one more in there,” he said, referencing a new game mode. He called on the developers to create a unique and innovative game mode to replace Strongholds.

Removing Strongholds isn’t the only change that Dr Disrespect has urged 343 to make to the multiplayer. Recently, the Doc claimed damage indicators in Halo Infinite need to be more noticeable. It will be interesting to see if the developers listen to these suggestions from the Doc on how to improve the game and whether Dr Disrespect continues to grind Ranked Arena in the interim.

While Strongholds being pulled from the multiplayer playlists seems doubtful, there’s a reasonable chance that the developers could tweak the game mode in the future. Since the multiplayer beta was released last week, the game studio has been receptive to fan feedback. It already has made significant changes to another popular game mode, Oddball. It now includes a 5-minute round-timer. This was done to fix games dragging on for indefinite amounts of time.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The multiplayer beta is available now.




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