Do you use split screen mode on your phone? Cast your vote now

Do you use split screen mode on your phone?  Cast your vote now

Tech Highlights:

  • To be fair, there’s the split-screen mode on Android smartphones, and yeah – it is true multitasking where you can run two apps at the same time. In our previous poll I kind of suggested that nobody’s really using that mode but is this the case? I tried to watch a YouTube video and do something else on the bottom part of the screen but it was just too small of a space to do anything that required input. I tried different combinations – mail/chat, calendar/mail, file browser/music player but it was very hard to extract any practical benefit over just switching between the apps.

  • The concept for today’s study originated from the fact that multitasking is a hot topic in the world of smartphones (as we discovered during our previous poll). The desktop PC I constructed ten years ago to play games has more raw CPU power than the phone in my pocket, and yes, ten years is a long time, but nevertheless, I was able to run dozens of programmes and tasks at once on that system. Which begs the question: What is the issue with contemporary smartphones? Why are we unable to switch between a few apps while they are operating in the background? The operating system, perhaps? Battery life, perhaps? Or perhaps the UI simply is unable to do such a task on a small screen.

It’s also worth noting that my multitasking endeavors with foldable phones are very limited – maybe on an 8-incher with this square aspect ratio things would look different. But back to the question – do you use split-screen on your phone on a regular basis? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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