Discover what’s in store for you iPhone with the coolest features of iOS 16

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  • We don’t know everything that will be in the final software, but the iOS beta shows several upgrades focused on communication, personalization, and privacy. While we’re making big changes to your iPhone’s lock screen, Messages app, and Wallet, iOS 16’s lesser-known features are worth a look. The new software works with iPhone 8 and newer models. Here are all the iOS 16 features you should know about.
    Craig Federighi, his senior vice of engineering at Apple’s software, explained in a message his three most-requested features in his app, saying, “Embarrassing typos are a thing of the past.

  • Since Apple unveiled iOS 16 (the software that powers the iPhone) at its WWDC keynote in June, the company has released betas for developers and users to try. In his sixth and latest public beta for Apple’s iOS 16, he brought back a feature some of his iPhone users had missed. This is the percentage inside the battery icon that shows the exact battery level of your iPhone. In addition to the rumored iPhone 14, iOS 16 could roll out for users with compatible iPhones shortly after Apple’s “Far Out” event on Wednesday.

First, iOS 16 lets you edit sent messages. So if you notice a typo after your message, you can edit it later. A small “processed” will appear below the status message. Second, and this might be my favorite feature, it lets you instantly undo messages you’ve sent. If you accidentally send an unfinished message, you can use the unsend tool to prevent your message from being read. This helps keep your messages from appearing cluttered to your friends and family. Finally, you can mark messages and threads as unread. This is a great tool if you don’t have time to reply to a message right now and want to make sure you do so later.

You can also customize the time and date fonts and add lock screen widgets such as temperature, activity rings, and calendar. Widgets are similar to Apple Watch lock screen complications.

One of the most common things you see on your iPhone is the lock screen, especially if you have an iPhone with Face ID. iOS 16 brings the biggest update yet to the iPhone lock screen. Long press to edit lock screen. You can swipe to try different styles. Each style changes the color filter of the background photo and the font of the lock screen, so they all complement each other. This is a bit like the Apple version of Google’s Material You released with Android 12.