Digital piano 2021: best headphones

Digital piano 2021: best headphones

Tech Highlights:

  • In terms of practicality, however, you could argue that digital pianos have several distinct advantages over their acoustic counterparts; they’re much lighter, they don’t need to be tuned regularly to sound their best, but most importantly they give you the freedom to be able to plug in a pair of the best headphones for digital piano and practise without fear of disturbing your family members or neighbours – other than a bit of clicking from the keys, that is!

  • The forward leaps in sampling technology and playability of today’s digital pianos now puts them firmly on a par with traditional instruments in terms of sound quality.

Our pick of digital piano headphones with a focus on audio performance and comfort.

So the ideal digital piano headphones for you should offer an even response across the frequency range, good exclusion from external distractions to help keep you focused on your playing, and be comfortable enough to wear for long practise sessions. Digital pianos are designed to emulate the stereo spread from left to right across the keyboard that you would experience when playing an acoustic piano (low notes from the left, high notes from the right), so a wide stereo soundstage is also important, in order to reproduce this natural stereo behaviour effectively in your headphones.

With all that in mind, the choice of headphone that you use with your piano can have a profound effect on the overall experience. The better your piano sounds in your headphones, the more inspiring your playing will sound, and this in turn will have a profound effect on how much you’ll want to continue with it. An uninspiring sound will quickly lead to disillusionment, making it likely that you’ll quickly tune out, switch off and go do something else.

Whether it’s playing digital piano, plugging into a guitar amp, mixing a track or general music listening, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is the go-to pair for many multi-tasking musicians. They offer warm lows and glittering highs, they’re supremely comfortable and they represent some of the best value out there.

For similar performance at a slightly lower price, the Hi-X15s from newcomers Austrian Audio are worth a shout. One of the standout features is the build quality, which means they should last well if they’re looked after.

If you’re on a budget and need some dedicated digital piano headphones, Yamaha HPH-100s have been optimised specifically for pianists, offering a great sound with rich bass, plus they’re comfortably light weight. You should be able to find a pair for less than $/£70, so they’re also easy on the wallet.

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