Details of Apple’s 35W power converter with dual USB-C ports have been released

Details of Apple's 35W power converter with dual USB-C ports have been released

Tech Highlights:

  • Apple states that the Apple 35W dual USB-C charger supports charging two devices at the same time. The power adapter is recommended for use with MacBook Air. However, users can also use it to charge iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods. As per the report, when charging two devices, users can connect to devices to any port of the power adapter. The power adapter will smartly allocate the energy to each device according to its charging needs. For most devices, when the user has two devices charging at the same time, the power is split evenly. So it’s interesting to see Apple using a different approach here.

  • Apple has been hesitant to make fast charging available for iPhones. However, the company has made strides in this area in recent years. After all, Apple takes its own path in terms of technological improvements, so we’re not anticipating something similar to what we have on the Android market. Despite this, the corporation is taking steps that Android users are already familiar with. Apple unveiled its new Apple 35W Dual USB-C charger today. The product is currently available for pre-order at a cost of 399 Yuan ($60).

If you’re charging a Mac laptop or iPhone at the same time as an Apple Watch or AirPods, the Mac laptop or iPhone can charge up to 27.5W, while the Apple Watch or AirPods can be charged at 7.5W. Interestingly, this is just another product for Apple’s portfolio of chargers. With the removal of the iPhone native charger, the company has increased the offer of chargers that you can buy separately. In related news, Apple has been having a hard time trying to resist the change to the USB Type C port on iPhones. In related news, the company is preparing the path for new Apple AirTags.

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