Destiny 2: Lightfall announced | PC news at New Game Network

News Summary:

  • Calus is back, this time as the Witness’ chosen disciple, and they brought a brand-new army along with them. Calus isn’t the only problem Guardians have to deal with, though. You also need to handle the Cloudstrikers, the beings meant to protect the city on Neptune from any outside threat.

  • Bungie had announced the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date during a deep dive into the FPS game‘s new expansion, exploring its new location and a bit of the significant changes in store. Destiny 2 Lightfall releases February 28, 2023, for console and PC, and the new campaign will unfold on Neptune. Unlike almost every other location Destiny 2 has explored so far, Neptune is actually a thriving world with a bustling, futuristic city where humanity has developed along an alternate path ever since the Collapse.

There’s also a new enemy type called Tormentors. Bungie describes these as boss-type enemies, but in regular battles. Tormentors can drain your life force and pull you in from a distance, and the idea is to shake up normal encounters and keep you on your toes, whether you’re a seasoned player or newcomer.

Destiny 2 Lightfall will include the usual things you expect from a new Destiny 2 expansion, from a deep new story campaign, to new exotics and more, and it’ll also launch with the new Legendary Campaign option for those looking for a more difficult challenge.

The big draw in Lightfall, though, is the new strand grappling hook. All classes can reach into the strand dimension and manifest a grappling hook to use in traversal, which Bungie promises will open up countless possibilities in environment design. It also counts as a new damage type and will be an integral part of new super moves for each class.

If you’re pottering around in Bungie’s space game ahead of Lightfall, check out our recommendations for the best Destiny 2 settings to get the optimal experience, and be sure to pick up your Destiny 2 trial rewards this week.