Despite mocking the Apple Car, the Super Bowl champion has a valid point

Despite mocking the Apple Car, the Super Bowl champion has a valid point

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  • “It’s all good until it decides to freeze when a new model comes out,” Smith tweeted. If you’re not familiar with what Apple does, the Cupertino-based tech giant typically releases a new iPhone generation every year. In the past, the company has been accused of intentionally throttling older iPhones in an attempt to push owners towards newer models. The tech firm eventually acknowledged the practice but said it slowed down only older iPhones with degraded batteries, as it wanted to provide the same battery life regardless of device age.

  • We’ve known for a while that Apple is working on its own automobile, but despite the Cupertino-based tech giant’s best efforts to keep any specifics out of the public eye, plenty of information about the project has leaked through unofficial means. Renderings of Apple Car Renderings of Apple Car Renderings of Apple Cars According to recent rumours, the Apple Car might be released without any windows, based on technology that Apple just patented. Torrey Smith, a Super Bowl winner, turned to Twitter to express his opinion on the proposal.

In theory, Torrey Smith has a point here, but of course, his tweet is supposed to be a joke. His followers, however, were on the same page, with some asking if Apple plans to stop updating the car after a few years and whether the company would eventually show ads on the displays in the cabin. Leaving aside all these jokes, the Apple Car project is alive, with people familiar with the matter claiming on several occasions that a 2025 launch is still on the table. For the time being, however, Apple is still in a phase where it’s trying to find all suppliers for the vehicle, especially as the company should theoretically start building prototypes sooner rather than later.

It goes without saying that Apple is unlikely to discuss the project anytime soon, so all details about the Apple Car should be handled with extra skepticism.

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