Design leaks for the iPhone 14 Pro show what Apple’s flagship phone could look like

Design leaks for the iPhone 14 Pro show what Apple's flagship phone could look like

Tech Highlights:

  • Specifically, the iPhone 14 Pro is said to be trading in the iPhone’s notch for a dual cutout design — that’s allegedly confirmed, EverythingApplePro says in the video — and it’s getting thinner bezels, too. That would lead to a new corner radius, incorporating more screen and less bezel, creating what EverythingApplePro describes of “more of a pleasant rounded shape.” Ultimately, the removal of the notch and the shrinking bezels won’t add much in the way of practical display real estate. But it will create a modestly new look for the iPhone 14 Pro models that will feel differentiated from recent releases.

  • A slew of adjustments might result in an entirely new appearance. Though the iPhone 14 release date is likely four months away, we have a general idea of what the new phones will look like when they do come. A video report from a well-known Apple leaker adds some more information, specifically concerning the iPhone 14 Pro. EverythingApplePro’s recent YouTube video essentially recaps previous leaks and speculations regarding the various iPhone 14 versions. However, the appearance of alleged CAD renderings of the forthcoming phones has revealed a little more about the iPhone 14 Pro’s likely new style.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are reportedly retaining the notch this year. However, the iPhone 15 is could extend the dual hole punch approach to all iPhone models, according to some rumors about Apple’s longer-range phone plans.  It’s not just the front of the Pro models that will change with the iPhone 14’s release in the fall. Previous rumors about the rear camera array on the iPhone 14 Pro have touted a noticeably larger shape than the current iPhone 13 Pro offers. This new video offers additional detail about the size increases.

Rumors have the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max as the more exciting updates coming this fall. The standard iPhone 14 is expected to have a lot in common with Apple’s current phones, right down to the A15 chipset it uses. The iPhone 13 mini is expected to make way for a larger iPhone 14 Pro Max, however. EverythingApplePro also mentions the possibility of a purple iPhone joining the Pro lineup in the fall, a rumor that he calls “sketchy” at this point. If it does pan out, it will mark something of a comeback for purple, as Apple released a purple iPhone 12 model last spring as an addition to its existing phone lineup. There’s a lot of rumors flying around so be sure to check out our iPhone 14 hub for all the latest leaks and our dedicated iPhone 14 Pro hub for all the biggest upgrades to expect.

To that end, the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera array is said to be 1.92 mm taller and 1.72 mm wider. The individual camera lenses will also stick out a little bit more — 0.77 mm, according to this report. None of this sounds like much of a change on paper, but visually, it’s a more rectangular array that definitely appears larger than what you’ll find on the iPhone 13 Pro. The bigger array is reportedly designed to accommodate bigger cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro. Specifically, the Pro models are rumored to be getting a 48MP camera, an upgrade from the 12MP main lens on the current iPhones. To achieve that megapixel rating, Apple is said to be using pixel binning, which combines four pixels into one. The end result would be smaller pixels than what you get on the iPhone 13 Pro, which Apple will have to address if it doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of low light photos (which benefit from bigger pixels letting in more data).

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