Delhi Corona App launched for Android users to keep track of hospital beds, ventilators

The federal government of Delhi launched the Delhi Corona app on Tuesday to provide users with facts about the availability of fans, beds, in hospitals and so on.

The application is now available for Android users and is offered at Engage in Store.

“Now we are launching an application that will give everyone the position of the hospital mattress and the availability of ventilators in Delhi,” said Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal mentioned in a flow of life.

He said people complain that there is a lack of beds, while there are still 4100 accessible beds. He further informed that, of the 302 admirers in Delhi, 210 remain empty.

The Delhi Corona app was launched to provide people today with information and related facts about bed availability in private and government administrative hospitals.

The Delhi Corona app displays the full number of beds with a full selection of occupied and empty beds for COVID-19 customers.

The app lists all private and community hospitals that treat patients with COVID-19. It supports Hindi and English languages.

The application provides information for the necessary solutions that may well be necessary during the entire block. Suppliers such as feed, electronic pass and hunger / shelter shelters are available through the app.

Information on containment zones, welfare products and services, government purchases were also made available through the application.

The application also has a bot that lists problems to determine if someone has COVID-19.

The Delhi Corona app also features information and facts about the coronavirus with the latest statistics.

The application is updated 2 times every day at 10am and 6pm.

In addition to the application, Kejriwal explained that citizens can obtain details on the website They can also simply call the variety of helpline 0131, which offers details via SMS, and the variety of WhatsApp 8800007722.

Kejriwal confided to the citizens of Delhi that he did not have to worry and that the Delhi government was four steps ahead and experimented with safeguards.

The Delhi-dependent Corona yielded more than 20,000 verified cases and 11,565 lively circumstances. “The selection of circumstances in Delhi is expanding, but we are building arrangements for hospitals, admirers and ICUs,” said Kejriwal.

At the moment, the application demonstrates an availability of 3912 vacant beds and 210 accessible enthusiasts. The application offers aspects about hospitals that have these facilities. Despite the fact that Kejriwal also emphasizes domestic quarantine.

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