Death Stranding’s director teases two new games

Death Stranding's director teases two new games

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  • While the interview itself was focused on shedding some light on over 100 video game designers’ ambitions for 2022, Kojima didn’t attach any dates to either of the in-development games. It’s likely that these projects are still in the very early stages of productions.

  • Kojima revealed that he is working on new projects in an interview with the Japanese journal Famitsu. The video game creator claimed that his firm, Kojima Productions, is working on two projects. One is a “large” endeavour, while the other is merely labelled as “new and demanding.” Kojima remained tight-lipped on the nature of these games, refusing to reveal any details. The purposeful use of the term “new” has led to speculation that the studio is working on a totally new IP, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Despite the mystery around these titles, fans of Hideo Kojima are convinced that at least one of the mentioned games is a sequel to Death Stranding. This comes after Norman Reedus, who starred as Sam Porter Bridges in the original game, let slip that negotiations around Death Stranding 2 were being finalized. Beyond this, Reedus was also reportedly spotted in a behind-the-scenes photo posted by Kojima. In the same images, dedicated players pointed out a figure which may be Mads Mikkelsen, who also appeared in Death Stranding as Cliff.

Death Stranding was Kojima Productions’ first independent project, launching to critical success in 2019. Set in a bizarre, post-apocalyptic world, the game tasks players with trekking across vast landscapes in an attempt to deliver packages. On their journey, gamers must use a variety of unique tools to make the process simpler while also trying to avoid hideous creatures known as BTs. Death Stranding was praised for its inventive mechanics which many found rewarding, if somewhat frustrating at times.

Beyond the rumors surrounding Death Stranding 2, Kojima Productions recently announced that it would soon be developing more than just video games. The studio confirmed that it was opening divisions that will focus on creating movies, TV series and even music. Kojima confirmed as much to Famitsu, stating that he hopes to break into the entertainment industry at large in 2022.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut released in 2021 exclusively for PlayStation 5. This version of the game includes a wide range of graphical improvements as well as mechanics otherwise missing from the original game.

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