Cyber ​​Acoustics’ new USB speaker bar connects to your monitor

Cyber ​​Acoustics' new USB speaker bar connects to your monitor

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  • Founded in 1996 Cyber Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses, and homes, including speakers, headsets, headphones, microphones, docking stations, and webcams. Focused on sustainability, Cyber Acoustics is the only company in the industry to offer a wired headset and headphone recycling program, accepting old headsets from any manufacturer to be recycled responsibly. To learn more about Cyber Acoustics’ commitment to sustainability visit For more information about Cyber Acoustic products for schools, business, and home offices visit Follow the company on Twitter @CyberAcoustics, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

  • Cyber Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of dependable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses, and homes, announced today the Cyber Acoustics USB Speaker Bar – CA-2890, a compact plug-and-play computer speaker that conveniently attaches to any monitor, leaving valuable desktop real estate untouched for a clean, productive workspace, while meeting all of your computer speaker needs.

Creative Stage features a high performance, under-monitor soundbar for your computer and TV. The accompanying subwoofer provides the perfect enhancement for rich, thumping bass that reverberates throughout the room. With a myriad of connectivity options, this is the perfect audio entertainment system for use whether at a desktop computer setup or in the living room.

Computer soundbars are more compact than ones we’d recommend for home theater use, but they work the same way. A bunch of drivers (the part of a speaker responsible for producing sound) are placed next to one another in a single horizontal speaker. You lose some stereo separation, but don’t have to string wires around your computer desk. A computer soundbar also has a leg up over gaming headsets, which can get sweaty or start to feel heavy during a long gaming session.

When planning a gaming PC setup, it’s easy to think your audio options are limited to a pair of powered bookshelf speakers. Soundbars are associated with TVs and home theaters, but you can get one that’s designed to sit under your monitor while you play games.


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