Cramer’s lightning round: Alibaba and Virtu are purchases

Cramer's lightning round: Alibaba and Virtu are purchases

“Tough inventory because all solar stocks are falling. The price continued to decline. Eventually prices went up and that makes them less competitive. I say you have to stay away from Sunnova. “

Alibaba: “This stock is down a lot, Alibaba, and I really like it here. I think you should buy it and store it. “

BHP Group: “I like BHP. … I think they are good value for money. It’s a great, beautiful idea. It’s a nice mosaic of what’s working right now. “

Virtu Financial: “I like it… Look, we know people about it. It’s a very good financial company. I think it should be sold at a higher price than it has. It’s very low value for money. I would be a buyer for it. I think you are in good shape. “ “This stock was very weak. Lots of people don’t like Chinese stocks right now. JD is almost as good as Alibaba. I think it’s worth holding on, but understand the trade war. Understand that you shouldn’t be investing in the PRC, but that’s a good thing too. “

BJ’s Wholesale Club: “BJ’s? Why not wait until Thursday for Costco to report because if Costco doesn’t do well the BJs will go down and you can pick up the BJs which in the end has nothing to do with Costco. “

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