Counterfeit counterfeit iPhones went to Miami, Florida

Counterfeit counterfeit iPhones went to Miami, Florida

US Customs and Border Protection officials in Cincinnati said they had confiscated a shipment from Japan containing 542 counterfeit iPhones.

The delivery, stopped on Tuesday, weighed more than 200 pounds and went to an electronics store in Miami, Florida, customs said in a press release today.

If the phones were genuine, they would have been worth more than $ 143,000, based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, according to the publication.

Posting the counterfeit electronics can pose a serious security risk due to the increased likelihood of malfunction or fire, and it can also come with pre-installed malware.

“E-commerce is a growing segment of the US economy that is driven by high volume, low value shipments into our ports of entry,” said Richard Gillespie, Port Director of Cincinnati, in the press release.

“Our officials are committed to protecting our citizens and enforcing US law to ensure legal trade continues, but illegal broadcasts like this do not reach unsuspecting consumers.”


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