Corona virus kills the mobile world CONGRESS, IBM will withdraw from RSA: What’s the deal with the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit?

How the corona virus can put an end to worries, the biggest event in the mobile industry
The announcement came after two weeks in which a large number of exhibitors withdrew from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The new corona virus, formally known as COVID or 19, causes a major disruption in the technology sector, in addition to annual events, some of which will lead to uncertainties, not only for participants, but also for suppliers.

COVID-19, a respiratory disease, first detected in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, China, was declared a “public health emergency of international interest by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tens of thousands of cases have been reported. While the vast majority are in China, confirmed cases have also been published in the USA, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Canada. At the time of writing, the 29 states reported the presence of a COVID-19.

Mortality rates are difficult to identify as a result of the new census, an estimate of uncertainty and the appearance of a new variation of the corona virus during the flu season and the different levels of response to the contraction of the disease, which can vary from mild symptoms. to moderate or, more rarely, more critical cases.

Concerns about the spread of COVID-19 that resulted in the US are foreign citizens, as they visited China in a 14-day order. The US and UK governments have launched a repatriation effort for their citizens to study or work in China, and African governments are now considering the following stretch. China has imposed severe travel restrictions on the country as a whole.

The fear surrounding the spread of the virus to affect the supply chain and international tourism events, including a major event in the technological space, the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC).

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With more than 100,000 attendees who were due to descend to Barcelona for the annual event, which will take place from February 24th to 27th, but as the main suppliers of assortments – including those from samsung, Nvidia and Intel – well, operators decided to cancel all the way .

Or the CONGRESS will be due to the loss of investment that is under debate. As described by PC mobile analyst Mag Sascha Segan, “the feline corona virus killed MWC, and the impact on the wireless industry can be huge.”

CONGRESS, however, is not the only victim. DEF-CON, China was suspended, Facebook was recently canceled for a major conference in San Francisco, California, and now other companies need to decide whether or not to host their own events.

The RSA Conference in 2020, which will take place February 24-28 in San Francisco, California, lost a Platinum sponsor and IBM as a competitor. At the moment, eight suppliers have withdrawn their participation, six of which are from China, one from the USA and one from Canada. A total of 0.79% of the total number of expected participants was therefore canceled.

PLEASE, the plans should continue as planned, unless there is a major disaster with regard to COVID-19, as is the case in the coming days, this is likely to be the case.

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RSA is facing questions about whether this is the case or not, which would be held last week, Kaspersky’s The Security Analyst Summit (SAS), is an annual event for thousands and thousands of cybersecurity professionals, the threat to researchers and public authorities. A student’s suppliers include Samsung, Microsoft, Interpol and the World Bank.

Kaspersky told me that, at this time, there are no plans to cancel SAS. “

“For Kaspersky, the health and safety of our employees, customers and other stakeholders is our number one priority,” said the company. “We are closely monitoring the situation of the corona virus before SAS, until the year 2020”.

It may be that the CONGRESS was the victim of fear of the unknown, as COVID-19 played for the first time; a GSMA cost-life reaction. However, over time, cases have been recorded and the overall risk of infection is considered low, for other events, such as RSA and SAS – and will continue normally – only with additional safety measures, such as rehabilitation of pumps and stations is provided.

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The Linux Foundation said there are no plans to cancel or postpone KubeCon, CloudNativeCon or Open-Source foods in China. Instead, the organization asks potential members to visit China in advance to keep an eye on their health for at least 15 days before attending.

If there are no symptoms, the Linux Foundation requested that “they be replaced by someone else at the location and avoid participating in the event, for their own safety and the safety of other participants”.

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