Concerns about KFC’s Diablo 4 beta codes are causing people to panic

News Summary:

  • The game’s Reddit is being used by hopeful players to express their surprise, annoyance, and amusement as the beta begins today, March 17. Prior to the beta’s start, players could preorder Diablo 4 to receive a beta code, but this option has since been discontinued.

  • Fans of Blizzard are in a panic because ordering KFC is currently the only way to access the long-awaited Diablo 4 beta.

While some users are completely against it, others are ordering KFC just to get the beta code and have no intention of eating the chicken sandwich.

MahiMatt is yet another user who fits into the latter category. With the Diablo promotion, I just ordered my KFC chicken sandwich, they said. Do I really need to pick up the sandwich in order to get the code? Similar plans have been expressed by other users, while one user referred to the collaboration as a “dystopian nightmare”.

Reddit user kuroineko666 asked why the only way to get access to Diablo 4’s beta other than placing a preorder was to “order a dead chicken from KFC” in a “anti vegan beta key” post.

Anyone ordering a Double Down sandwich or another acceptable option in the United States will receive the beta code; however, a vegan or vegetarian meal is not included in the list of acceptable options.

On June 6, 2023, Diablo 4 will be released, with a completely public beta taking place the following week from March 24 to 26.