Conceptual art from the sequel to the video game “The Thing” from 2002 appears online

Conceptual art from the sequel to the video game "The Thing" from 2002 appears online

Points Highlighted:

  • It’s not just a straight-up reskinning, either. Dude27th is working to recreate the weapons (namely, things that aren’t in Doom II like the soda cans and crucifixes), items, enemies, and of course, co-op! At the moment, the TC is up to level 7, but there’s still plenty to enjoy.

  • If you’re in that camp, you can always lean (why I’m using this word again, I don’t know) on Doom to provide your fix. Specifically, Dude27th’s Total Conversion of Zombies Ate My Neighbors for Doom II. The TC is still very much in progress, but as you’ll see from the various videos on the modder’s YouTube page, there’s plenty of excitement.

To get this puppy going, all you’ll need is a copy of Doom II and GZDoom.

Thanks to PCGamer for the heads up.

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