Cindy Zauski was awarded the Golden Apple!

Cindy Zauski was awarded the Golden Apple!

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  • “She is super creative, always learning, always growing, always trying to bring new innovative kinds of art techniques, along with essential skills that students need to learn at this age,” Principal Jeanine Lupisella said. “She really thinks outside the box and gets her children to think that same way.” Assistant Principal Joelle Weaver said Zauski brings innovation into the school every day and brings art to life for students.

  • Cindy Zauski is the recipient of the Golden Apple this week. Mrs. Zauski is an art teacher at the Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District’s Manor Intermediate School. She has been teaching elementary pupils there for the past 20 years. “I didn’t go to college to be an art teacher,” Zauski explained, “but I switched my major my first quarter and never looked back.” It’s a good thing she didn’t look back, since Zauski has had a significant influence on her pupils and coworkers throughout the years.

“They love going to her class and teachers are inspired by Cindy as well because she brings whatever they’re teaching into her art class,” Weaver said. “She’s just a great example of someone who makes the school community a better place just by being part of our teaching staff.” Known to her students as ‘Mrs. Z,’ Zauski plays a big role in making homecoming floats each year, creates student art showcases, and connects with students who need a trusted adult.

“Watching them get that light bulb moment going, ‘I did it’ and being super proud of themselves,” Zauski said. “I just hope that I taught them that you can find joy just in creating in whatever you want to do.” For all Mrs. Zauski has done for her school community over the past two decades, Weaver nominated her for a Golden Apple Award through News 8. “I’m overwhelmed and I can’t believe this is happening to me,” Zauski said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” After retiring in two weeks, Zauski plans to take a gap year and relax. She also plans to make her own art.

“She goes above and beyond the duties of her classroom to really be a team player all around for the school,” Lupisella said. “She’s just always thinking about kids and thinking about her colleagues, doing the best she can do.” While Zauski plans to retire at the end of the school year, there’s nowhere she’d rather have spent the last three decades of her life: getting to watch students grow.

TODAY: Our final Golden Apple winner of the school year is from Manor Intermediate in @HFLCSD. Cindy Zauski has been an art teacher at the school for 20 years & is retiring in a few short weeks. 🎨✨See the extra special surprise — tonight at 5:30 on @News_8! Ally Peters (@allypetersnews) June 7, 2022 Congratulations to Mrs. Zauski! This is the final Golden Apple winner of the school year. Tune in to News 8 on the evening of June 14th to see our News 8 ‘end of the year celebration’ for all of this year’s Golden Apple winners!


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