Chromecast and Google TV cannot play YouTube music

Chromecast and Google TV cannot play YouTube music

Tech Highlights:

  • When attempting to cast YouTube Music to a Chromecast with Google TV as well as a TCL Google TV, we observed both TVs put up the YouTube Music splash screen, but music playback never starts. Eventually, the splash screen times out, and the originating cast device (an Android phone, in our testing) also disconnects from that device. By contrast, playback when casting YouTube Music to a smart speaker or smart display starts in a matter of seconds.

  • YouTube Music, Google’s music service, appears to be having problems casting music to Chromecast, Google TV, and Android TV devices right now. According to our testing and over a dozen reports on Google’s forums and Reddit, YouTube Music casting appears to be completely broken right now when casting to video devices. In our testing, the outage does not affect Nest Hub or Google Assistant speakers. Update: As of 4 p.m. PT last night, Google confirmed that casting issues with YouTube Music on Chromecast and Android TV OS platforms have been resolved.

User reports of this issue mention the Chromecast Ultra being one affected device, as well as Google TV and Android TV devices. Notably, some owners of the remote-less Chromecast say that the regular YouTube app is seeing the same problem, though we weren’t able to replicate that in our testing, but YouTube Music was broken on our Chromecast Ultra.


Google has yet to reply to the situation as far as well can tell. We’ll update this article as the situation develops. YouTube Music refreshes ‘Mixed for you’ covers w/ album art and artist profiles. YouTube Music can now share songs to Snapchat on Android. YouTube Music artist pages now list songs and albums ‘From your library,’ like Play Music

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