Chloe Grace Moretz says “Mother / Android” is the toughest movie she has ever worked on

Chloe Grace Moretz says "Mother / Android" is the toughest movie she has ever worked on

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  • Mattson Tomlin’s post-apocalyptic thriller explores the narrative of a young couple’s attempt to safeguard their pregnant child as a robot rebellion is taking place.

  • Chloe Grace Moretz talked about the heartbreaking sequence she filmed for the sci-fi film Mother/Android, which premiered on Hulu on December 17.

The finale involves a highly emotional and heart-wrenching passage, which Chloe said as “one of the hardest” she has ever done.
Moretz talked about how it felt to shoot the pivotal sequence in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

While the sci-fi flick features robots, the story was loosely inspired by director Tomlin’s birth parents, who had experienced the struggle of carrying a child during the Romanian Revolution.

“It was one of the most difficult sequences I’ve ever had to perform, and I wasn’t OK afterwards,” Moretz admits. “I suppose it took everyone a minute to get their bearings.” And we’re shivering and chilly from the elements and the weather.”

“It was equal parts emotionally brutal and really beautiful at the same time,” Tomlin describes shooting the film’s climactic moments. “I had to expose a lot of my own vulnerability. It’s about something really real for me.”

Moretz recognized the significance of the film to Tomlin and also felt a sense of connection to it.

“I’ve never had the amount of connection that I’ve had on this project. It’s him. It’s his story. This is his baby. This is his life,” she explained.

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