Chicago Bears Bank on Mac Jones in 7-Round NFL Ticket Draft 2021

Chicago Bears Bank on Mac Jones in 7-Round NFL Ticket Draft 2021

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The Chicago Bears regular season and short playoff run have subsided with the Super Bowl approaching, meaning it’s time for the first 7-round NFL slip draft of the 2021 off-season.

The Chicago Bears ended their turbulent 2020 a few weeks ago. They had their ups and downs. It felt like they had multiple seasons in one. They started at 5: 1 and found themselves at the forefront of NFC.

Although the bear fans didn’t get many awards for their launch, they were thrilled with the launch. They had thoughts of a long playoff run and a possible Super Bowl appearance. Who cares they faced some of the league’s worst defenses? A win is a win.

Then season two started and it was a bad one for Chicago. They went to Los Angeles to face the Rams and had a terrible performance Monday night. After that it went downhill. They lost six games in a row and the offensive almost came to a standstill. The unit averaged just 19.7 points per game.

Then, in the third season within the season, the bears found their position again (albeit again against weaker defenses). They averaged 31.5 points per game and somehow found a way to make it to the playoffs. Of course, it was only an isolated incident when they were struck down by the New Orleans Saints.

Now Chicago must find a way to rebuild the roster. Although the Bears have made playoffs in two of their last three seasons, they have not won any playoff games. If you want to be a real competitor you have to strengthen the team.

One way of doing this is by design. The 2021 NFL Draft begins April 29th. The bears may be entering the Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes, so their draft picks may be different but nothing has happened yet. Therefore, their picks are set for now.

Without further ado, here’s our first off-season Chicago Bears design.


Mac Jones

Quarterback Alabama

If the Chicago Bears don’t acquire Watson, they’ll be looking for a good free agent. In this case, they still have to design a quarterback. That quarterback was supposed to be Alabamas Mac Jones.

Jones is not someone who will amaze you with his skills. However, he will amaze you at how he limits his mistakes. He will play the right games and manage the game well. This is what the bear offense needs. There have been many times that receivers have been open but the ball has not come to them.

Jones’ ability to process a game quickly is something the bears desperately need. With Mitchell Trubisky, he took too much time to process a piece and missed making the right piece. He would panic and try to force things.

You don’t see that with Jones. He is calmly under pressure and finds the open recipient. He had a variety of great recipients in Alabama, but he could make them all happy by distributing the ball well.

General Manager Ryan Pace talked about being aggressive in the quarterback market by designing one in each design if necessary. That didn’t happen. He is in a “win now” situation, but if he cannot acquire Watson he will have to meet two of them. You have to be a potential bridge quarterback to step in until whoever drafted this year is ready to take control.

It wouldn’t take Jones much time to sit and study and should be a good choice to save Pace’s job.


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